We sell a wide range of products, some of which you would not expect in a “normal” pharmacy. But, as you know, we are different!

Of course, we stock the usual items you might expect to find like luxurious bath products, over-the-counter medicine, hair products, and so on but we also sell Fair Trade groceries (biscuits, tea, coffee, soya milk etc) and  a wide range of Weleda homeopathic items. A fabulous range of items, any of which can be purchased as gifts, or simply for yourself. Take a look at the gallery below to see just what we do!

Our big names are: Bronnley, Weleda, Clipper, Fair Trade Food.

Any of these items can be ordered for home delivery along with your prescription, just contact us with your requirements.

We take payment by credit or debit card in the store or over the phone if you are ordering.