Our Services

At The Painswick Pharmacy we do much more than just dispensing your prescriptions, we also offer several useful services. Very often our help can save you a trip to your Doctor. There are many things you may not realise we do, so have a look at the following services and click on the icons to read more.

Home Delivery

Flu Vaccination

Get your flu vaccination now for just £10 or you may be eligible for a free NHS flu jab – Click on the icon to find out more.

New medicine

New Medicine

Have you been prescribed a new medicine? You may qualify for a free NHS service.

Understanding your medicines

Understanding Your Medicines

Free NHS Medicines Use Review Have a chat with one of our Pharmacists about the medicines you are taking, what they do, how well they work for you and how you can get the most out of them.

Stop Smoking - Smoking Cessation

Helping you to quit smoking

Are you thinking about giving up smoking? Our in-house NHS Stop Smoking Service can give you the advice and medication you need, at every step over a 12 week course, to help you quit for good!

Healthy Living

Healthy Living Pharmacy

Looking for ways to improve your overall health? Come and have a chat with one of our friendly Healthy Living Champions.

Special Orders

Special Orders

Want something that we don’t stock? We may be able to order it in for you, just ask!

Blood Pressure Testing

Blood Pressure Testing

Concerned about your blood pressure? Then pop in to have a free blood pressure check.

Diabetes Screening

Diabetes screening

Do you know your blood glucose level? Call in for a quick finger prick test to find out!

Private Consultations and Confidential Health Advice

Confidential Health Advice

Would you like a quiet word in private? We have a consultation room available if you would like to discuss something confidentially.

Home Delivery

We can deliver straight to you!

Housebound? Do you have trouble getting to us? Ask us now about free delivery! Call 01452 812263 or contact us using the online form.

Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Emergency contraception. Free condoms. We can offer you advice on sexual health

Unwanted Medicines

Unwanted Medicines and Sharps Disposal

Don’t throw your medicines down the toilet or in the bin! It’s not good for the environment – instead bring them to us and we will dispose of them safely.



We are happy to make an appointment for you if there is something you would like to discuss with the pharmacist in privacy.