Understanding Your Medicines

NHS Medicines Use Review (MUR)

A Medicines Use Review (MUR) is a quick chat with a pharmacist to focus on how you are getting on with your medicines. It takes place in our Private Consultation Room and is a free NHS service. The review is to:

  • Help you to find out more about the medicines you are taking.
  • Pick up any problems you are having with your medicines.
  • Improve the effectiveness of your medicines.

Our pharmacist will have questions to ask you and you may have concerns or questions that you want to ask. You can ask anything at all about your medicines. Remember you can ask your pharmacist questions at any time, but a review will give you both more time to concentrate on you and your medicines. One of our pharmacists might invite you for a review if he thinks it will help you. Or you can ask for a review yourself. To qualify you must have been getting your prescription medicines from us for three or more months for a free review. Your doctor or nurse might also suggest that a review would be helpful. When medicines cause problems Taking medicines is often trouble-free, but there can be problems:

  • It can be difficult to take medicines – for example, if they’re hard to swallow.
  • Some people end up taking lots of tablets at different times.
  • When someone is taking lots of medicines it can be difficult to know what each one is for.
  • You are always ordering medicines because they run out at different times.
  • There are medicines which don’t mix with other medicines or some foods
  • Some people get side effects from one or more of their medicines.
  • Some people have questions or worries and don’t know who to talk to.

What you can expect in the review meeting

  • The meeting is confidential and takes place in our Private Consultation Room where you can sit down together and not be overheard by customers or staff.
  • Your details, and your discussion, will be kept private. You can talk openly and your questions or worries will be listened to. Only you and your GP will normally receive a record of the meeting.

The pharmacist will listen and help

  • Our pharmacist will be ready to hear your concerns and your questions. You can be open with him and say whatever you want in these meetings.
  • Our pharmacist will only know about the medicines you have received from the Painswick Pharmacy. He will not have a record of prescriptions you have picked up from another pharmacy, medicines dispensed by a hospital, medicines bought without a prescription, or herbal medicines. He will not have your medical history or details about your illness. So it’s important to tell him as much as you can.

What will happen in the meeting?

  • You will confirm the medicines you are taking. The pharmacist will probably start by going through all the medicines you take (including medicines you have bought and herbal medicines), finding out how you take your medicines, and if you have enough information about them.
  • The pharmacist will check how well you are getting on with your medicines, for example, can you swallow you medicines easily, or are you wising you inhaler properly so that you get the most benefit from it.
  • Together, you will discuss how you think you medicines are working. Not all your medicines may be necessary, or the dose might need to be adjusted by your doctor. A different medicine might make things easier.
  • Together, you will talk through any questions or concerns. If you have any side effects, the pharmacist may be able to suggest something that will help or another medicine which might not cause the same problems.

You can feel free to ask any question about your medicines. What happens afterwards?

  • Everything may be okay with your medicines and nothing else will need to happen.
  • You may be given an Action Plan which will include a note of any changes you have agreed in the way you take your medicines. This will be filled in by the pharmacist who did the review with you.
  • A copy of the Action Plan will go to your doctor and be kept with your medical notes.
  • The pharmacist may recommend a change to your prescription. You will have a note of this in the Action Plan. Both you and the person who prescribes you medicines (usually your doctor) will need to agree on any changes to your prescription, so you may be asked to make an appointment with them to discuss these. No changes will be made against your will.

How you might prepare for an MUR

  • Make a note of all the medicines you take. Including any non-prescription items you may take. If you have concerns about particular medicines or have any medicines which you no longer use, bring them along.
  • Think about your questions, concerns and suggestions and write them down.
  • Make sure you know when, where and who you are meeting.

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